‘Deck-a-day’ III – competition rules

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Every weekday from Wednesday 28th October until Tuesday 10th November there will be a top quality deck of cards up for grabs in our third ‘deck-a-day’ giveaway! Each day at 7:30am (GMT) on our facebook page we’ll be posting a close-up picture of a reasonably well known deck, likely to have been printed in the […]

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Deck Finesse Store Coming Soon!

Posted on 13 Oct 2015 in Company & Product News, Company news, Uncategorized | 0 comments

I’m happy to announce that in a few weeks time we’ll be adding an e-store to our website. The existing order-form, originally built to take pre-orders, has been in desperate need of updating ever since we launched around one year ago. We started building our real store early in 2015 but unfortunately I became rather […]

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